How to translate trapline into Spanish? I would like to translate the term that refers to the fur trade in North America, and something like "línea de trampas" sounds rather odd. I'd appreciate any feedback.


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While I am not sure if there is a special term for this practice (I haven't found it), you might want to look into the definition of trapline to get some hints of how to translate it:

a trapline is a route along which a trapper sets traps for his or her quarry

The key here would be in "route", which could give you the following options:

  • Ruta de trampas (trap route)
  • Sendero de trampas (trap route/road)
  • Camino de trampas (trap road)
  • Secuencia de trampas (sequence of traps)
  • Trampas secuenciales (sequential traps)
  • Trampas en secuencia (traps in sequence)

Hopefully that will get you started with a better translation than "línea de trampas".

Further research indicates others have translated this as "trampas en línea" (traps in a line).

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