I am in an IT project and in one of the Excelsheets with status of the documents to be delivered there is 'Pdte. Comenzar' which I have no idea how to translate.

I checked online and the abbreviation Pdte. refers usually to Presidente which does not make sense in this case. The document is written in Spain Spanish.

What does it stand for then? I assume it is pendiente. Am I right?

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You are right.

I am from Spain and is pretty common to use Pdte as an abbreviation of Pendiente. So Pdte. Comenzar would mean Pendiente de Comenzar.

You also are right about Presidente, in fact, RAE, in the appendix number two lists Pdte (or Pdta, in the femenine form) as the abbreviation of Presidente/a


Estás en lo cierto.

Soy de España y aquí es muy común usar Pdte como abreviatura de Pendiente. Así que Pdte. Comenzar significaría Pendiente de Comenzar.

También estás en lo cierto sobre Presidente, de hecho, la RAE, en su apéndice número dos lista Pdte (o Pdta, en su forma femenina) como abreviatura de Presidente/a.

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