I am working my way through translating the song "Mi Noche Triste" and in the first verse I encountered (my emphasis)

Y por eso me encurdelo pa' olvidarme de tu amor

I believe that for "me encurdelo", the root verb was conjugated to "encurdé". In looking the conjugation up in the RAE dictionary, it points to encurdarse (so far so good)

It appears that this is a synonym of "emborracharse". And the dictionary tags this as:

  1. prnl - verbo pronominal
  2. vulg. - vulgar

I understand the pronominal tag, but what is the implication of "vulgar". I can guess that it has similar connotations as in English of unrefined, bad taste, common etc. But that is an assumption on my part. Thus:

  1. What is the actual usage of "Vulg." by the RAE?
  2. Is there a description of all of such terms in that dictionary?

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'Vulgar' has the same meaning as vulgar in English. You can find it in other entries such as 'follar'.

The description of all the abbreviations and signs is in the page Abreviaturas y signos empleados from the dle.RAE.es domain.

There you can find the one you refer to:

  • vulg. vulgar

Also, and as you may have noticed, the explanation of each abbreviation shows when you hover the given abbreviation:

enter image description here

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    Well hovering gives me the definition in Spanish, but if I don't know what that means, I'm still in the dark :D
    – Peter M
    Oct 13, 2020 at 19:50

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