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About – Your Personal Chinese School At Home, provides quality online Chinese tutoring video lessons for those who want to learn Mandarin Chinese while staying in the comfort of home. As the world’s #1 Online Chinese Video Training Service, ChineseHulu offers a full selection of teaching video and audio courses, subscriptions and Private Tutoring – Live Practice classes to fit the needs of every Chinese learners. Our mission is to make learning Chinese possible for anytime, anywhere!

We have two main goals. First one is to build an online Chinese school, so learners can stay at the comfort of home to learn Chinese anytime they want and anywhere with their laptops or MP3 player, and also parents won’t have the hassle to drive their kids to school. Our second goal is to help prepare the Chinese language skill for employees of international businesses all over the world. There is no denying that Chinese-speaking countries such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore are among the fastest economic growing powers that will play a crucial role in the worldwide economic environment sooner or later. Therefore, our mission is to help learners master the Chinese conversational skill in order to do business with these promising Chinese-speaking countries! Happy Learning Chinese and To Your Success !

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