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Hello! My name is Kiara (well, you can call me that, anyway), and I'm a 17-year-old high school student always eager for new friends! My dream is to study Științe Calculatoarelor (computer science) in București, România, and I'm learning Romanian :D so I'm looking for someone willing to chat with me on Skype in Romanian (and not laugh at all my n00b mistakes). If you speak Romanian, maybe we can trade services (I speak native-level Spanish as well as English) and both of us will be happy.

Here are some of the accomplishments I'm proudest of so far. It's not much, but I hope for better things one day! ;)
-Being the best student in school for all of my school life, with an average of 9.7 out of 10
-Learning HTML4, CSS3 and now working at HTML5
-Creating my first Web site at the age of 12
-Learning to successfully walk 6 dogs of varying sizes and temperaments at the same time
-Winning National Novel Writing Month
-Learning to play the violin
-Working as a freelance English-Spanish translator for a school in the US

I've also got a bunch of dreams for the future. We shall see how many of them I can accomplish ;)
-Earning enough money to get to Romania by October
-Getting my student's visa, scholarship and other papers all on my own
-Finishing my high school with a grade average of at least 9.8
-Learning to speak Romanian like a native
-Learning to speak Italian, Catalan, Portuguese, Russian, German and possibly French and Japanese
-Starting my own shelter/pet store to find loving homes for strays and help fund conservation programs around the world
-Learning 3D modeling, design, programming, etc. to become the head fiddlebody at my own videogame-developing company
-Publishing a novel

So what about you? What are your hopes and dreams? Feel free to e-mail me and let's chat! Maybe we can even help each other out. I have limited time, but am always happy to lend an ear to anyone who may need it.

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