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May someone give an example on how to use "puesto" as an adjective?
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On its entry for "puesto/a" RAE states three different meanings of puesto as an adjetive: adj. Resuelto, empeñado, determinado. Puesto en librar a la señora. adj. Bien vestido, ataviado o ...

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What does 'Pdte. Comenzar' mean?
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English You are right. I am from Spain and is pretty common to use Pdte as an abbreviation of Pendiente. So Pdte. Comenzar would mean Pendiente de Comenzar. You also are right about Presidente, in ...

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Using "amigui" instead of "amigo": Bien grax amigui
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This is something I've started to hear recently, also in Spain. I think amigui is an abbreviation for amiguito which is, as JesusS says in his answer, more affectionate.

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Can "diario" and "periódico" be used interchangeably?
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Periódico is a newspaper published periodically, with the period not specified. But also can be used as diario. According to RAE: 3 adj. Dicho de un impreso: Que se publica con determinados ...

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¿Cuál es el origen de la frase "media naranja"?
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Viene de un mito de la antigua Grecia. Un extracto del enlace: Contaba Aristófanes que, en un principio, la raza humana era casi perfecta. Los seres eran esféricos como naranjas; tenían dos caras ...

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