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Hej! Jag heter Carles (pronounced /karl as/),

I live in Sabadell, a city 20 km away from Barcelona, in Spain.

I joined Söderberg & Partners, an insurance company based in Sweden, on March '22 as a Backend developer. I have been working on Microsoft technologies for over 12 years.

I like to listen to Pop music, the more mainstream, the better. I am a cinema enthusiast, I usually go twice a month and I like any kind of films, specially action/thrillers. I play board games with friends (my favorites are 7 wonders, Quacks of Quedlinburg, Azul and Castles of Burgundy). I even developed a web page to play one of them through internet. I am into gastronomy, I go to new restaurants as often as I can, any kind. I love Japanese culture so much that I am even learning Japanese. I am a cat person and I am currently volunteering at a NGO that locally helps feral cats. And last but not least, I enjoy travelling, the far as possible. When I travel, I do not relax, I want to visit every spot, eat every kind of food and meet as much people as possible.

I really love what I do, what makes me improve. ^_^

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Oct 24, 2014