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Tiempos verbales aplicados a "cocinar"

hey hey hey pequeña no digas tu eres perfecta skibidi Skibidi wap-pa-pa Skibidi wap-pa-pa-pa-pa Skibidi wap-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa Skibidi pa-pa Skibidi boom-boom, ay Skibidi boom-boom-boom-boom, ay ...
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Arremangarse-in context

The DLE omits part of the meaning of "arremangarse" that is present in the definition given by Google/Oxford Languages: verbo transitivo verbo pronominal (arremangarse) Tomar una decisión o ...
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Arremangarse-in context

I wanted to say "decidí arremangarme" in the context of studying. In other words, I decided to roll up my sleeves and start the year off on a good note by studying straight away. I second ...
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Arremangarse-in context

As you say in your question, "arremangarse" refers to a physical task and studying is not. So "arremangarse para comenzar a estudiar", although possible, is not the best way. In ...
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