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Words with different pronunciations

Yes, but they tend to be barely perceptible to the average speaker because they tend to be based on dialect. For example, the word guion can be pronounced in one (/'gjon/) or two (/gi'on/) syllables. ...
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What is asking me with "Marque la sílaba tónica"?

Marque la sílaba tónica means you need to mark where the word is correctly stressed. Namely, ánimo, animo, animó are all different and the sílaba tónica is bolded to show the correct stress. ...
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Is there always a syllable break with the letters "ié" in any word?

Quién (or quien) is a monosyllabic word (thus not separable). The accent responds to a case of tilde diacrítica, i.e. distinguishing between two words that are written the same (quien and quién), but ...
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¿Cuál es el criterio de división de palabras a final de línea?

Incluyo referencias a la página División de palabras a final de línea de Wikilengua. Cuando hay que dividir una palabra al cambiar de renglón, se usa el guion. Las normas generales recomiendan ...

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