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I would use fidelidad for "faithfulness". I would use Fé for "faith".


I'm going to answer your questions 1, 2 and 4 for your first audio sample (question 3 is more about music than language). The sentence is grammatically correct, yes. In terms of how a native speaker would say it, 'soñaba' is closer to 'I was dreaming'. 'I always dreamed of' would be 'siempre soñé/he soñado con'. As for your pronunciation, there are two words ...


English has many vowels (13-16, depending on the dialect) and Spanish has relatively few (just 5). What we consider English vowels are very often diphthongs (i.e. a gliding vowel in the articulation of which there is a continuous transition from one position to another). Take the example: fate /feɪt/; afeitar (to shave). The two Spanish vowels that this ...

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