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The RAE's DLE allows you to search by the starting or ending characters of a word. As such (and given that in distinción dialects word terminal "-iz" only rhymes with "-iz"), you can search whether you want to rhyme only the final syllable "-iz": actriz, cicatriz, desliz etc or the final two "-eliz": infeliz, jeliz, ...


You are right that the wording is poetic. "Espantado de sí propio" literally means "spooked by his own self" and it most probably refers to being terrified by his own actions or past life as you said.


According to [1], the epitaph of conde don Peranzules starts with the following (emphasis mine): Aquí iaze sepultado un conde diño de fama, un varón muy señalado, leal, devoto, esforeado. Don Perancurez se llama. El qual sacó de Toledo de poder del rey pagano al rey que con pena y miedo tuvo siempre el brazo quedo al horadar de la mano. The same ...

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