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Why does 'mohínes' have an accent?

In this case I think you are (understandably) being misled by the medial h. The h is not only mute, but also it doesn't have any effect on syllable division.1 So you must imagine mohín would have the ...
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How to show two vowels are pronounced in hiatus (e.g "tri-A-da" not "TRIA-da")?

Maybe you're overthinking this. Stress marks only place the stress, but indeed do not tell the speaker how to pronounce the word. In the case of tríada it's clear how to pronounce the word, and in the ...
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How to tell when "ui" is a diphthong or in hiatus?

Regarding the hiatus [u.i], all verb infinitives ending in -uir have it, and it's inherited by all their inflections and derivations where it may apply: substituir, substituido; recluir, recluido; ...
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