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Does anyone have the old grammar book "A Spanish Grammar" by Coester? check the index please for hacer

It's a section index: Consequently, it does not refer to page 104 but to section 104 (pages 84-85), point c:
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Tengo + que + infinitive vs tengo infinitive

Although the translation of have is tener, in this particular case, the meaning of the word is important in Spanish. Here it has the meaning of need or must. When tener is used as in need you always ...
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Need example sentence with poníamos (poner)

Searching in the CREA (http://corpus.rae.es/creanet.html) you get hundreds of examples: and if you click in poniamos in any of the examples, it shows you the paragraph, not yust part of the sentense.
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Google translate changes Preterite into Imperfect?

The verb querer is a little unusual in the preterite/imperfect distinction, at least from an english speaker's point of view. quisiste abrir la puerta implies that you attempted to open the door, ...
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