Como diría mi abuelita: ¡Que te sirva de ejemplo! También funciona: ¡Que te sirva de experiencia!


To mirror the effect of the original "sh*t or bust", I think it is important to use a similarly disjunctive construction, with "o ... o" (either ... or). I imagine somebody in that situation saying something like: Con esta o me consagro o me entierro (literally: I become either a hero o a dead man). (With this, either I rise to fame or ...


There's a couple of options you can use, but they do not include a swear word, they are quite harmless to use: Jugársela a todo o nada. This includes the use of jugarse as 'to risk'. It explicit meaning is 'to take a big risk in order to success or completely fail'. You can also use this similar sentence: Jugarse el todo por el todo. I can't think now of ...

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