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Yo creo que en sintaxis la palabra repugnante... se refiere a algo que causa repulsi贸n 贸 asco. Pero para referirse a el comportamiento de alguien, creo es mejor usar Repunoso... (Que ser铆a como una persona desagradable... que nadie es de su agrado) 馃槣


I found further sources using this term, and it refers to the Palace of the Governors, so it served as both the house for the governor of the territory, but also was the capital building.


It seems that you spotted something that may come odd and confusing with the Spanish paragraph. But if the author intended to mean "deafening" for a noise so loud as to make it impossible to hear anything else the word to use would have been ensordecedor, ra adj. Que ensordece. adj. Dicho de un ruido o de un sonido: Muy intenso. Though it ...

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