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Yeismo, the phonological feature that consists in pronouncing "ll" in the same way as "y" (before a vowel) instead of the phoneme /ʎ/.

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Are ⟨ll⟩ and ⟨li⟩ distinct in lleísmo dialects?

Lleísmo dialects of Spanish are those that retain the distinction between /ʎ/ ⟨ll⟩ and /ʝ/ ⟨y⟩, in contrast to yeísmo dialects, which have merged the two phonemes. Here are maps showing lleísmo areas ...
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Pronunciation of "ll" as [ʤ] in non-yeísmo dialects?

In yeísmo dialects there is regional variation in how the phoneme represented by "ll" / "y" is pronounced: /ʝ/ = [ʝ] ~ [ʒ] ~ [ʤ] ~ [ʃ] ~ [tʃ] However I recently read that there is also variation in ...
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“Hierba” vs. “yerba”: ¿está equivocado el DPD?

En este excelente artículo sobre el yeísmo, Javier Álvarez explica que los orígenes del fonema /ʝ/ (que es la pronunciación estándar mayoritaria de lo que escribimos como ll o y) están en la /j/ ...
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Which parts of México pronounce “ll” (like in tortilla) as “j” instead of “y”?

I learned to pronounce “ll” like the “y” in yes, but I know others who pronounce it like the “j” in jelly. I’ve noticed for ESL speakers this can also affect their ability to pronounce certain ...
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Regional pronunciation of "ll": [j] vs [ʎ]

I'm well aware that ll may be pronounced differently according to regions. We already have this question on the most common pronunciations of [j] and [ʒ]. But I've come across a couple examples on ...
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¿"Ahí" y "allí" son distinguibles cuando usadas en países donde se usa mayormente el yeísmo?

La pronunciación me parece muy similar, y me pregunto se en la conversación normal se las pueden distinguir o si hay artificios o sinónimos que se usan para llegar a los mismos objetivos.
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10 votes
4 answers

What accents do not use yeísmo?

Something I've wondered ever since I started learning Spanish about 8 years ago. One often hears that the sound for "ll" and "y" is merged in "most accents". Wikipedia's IPA for Spanish guide, for ...
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How to pronounce the consonants "y" and "ll"?

ENGLISH I have heard y/ll pronounced in two different ways: [j] (like 'y' in "yellow") [ʒ] (like 's' in "measure") Do native speakers use both interchangeably? Or is it pronounced [j] in some ...
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