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Preguntas sobre el uso del pronombre reflexivo "se".

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What exactly are the "passive se" and "impersonal se"?

Many materials for learning Spanish, discuss the "impersonal se" (e.g. ¿Se puede tocar esto?) and "passive se" (e.g. Se habla español.). What exactly are these forms grammatically? Is the se in both ...
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"Voy a dormir" vs "me voy a dormir" - huge difference or not?

What is correct? Is there any grammatical difference between them? I have just stumbpled upon verbs ending with "-se". Before that I was thinking that "voy a" is the only way to say "I'm going to......
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Usage of "ver(se)" for "to seem/look" (te ves, se te ve, te veo, etc.)

The verb ver can be used in a few different constructions to convey how something looks or seems: Te ves bonita. Se te ve mal. Te veo bien. For the reflexive constructions, the WordReference entry ...
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Reflexives and use of "se" in "terminarse"

I'm slowing working my way through reflexive pronouns, and I understand that there are several uses of the pronoun 'se' : Accidental / unplanned circumstances (se me cayó el vaso) Passive Voice for ...
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Why "se" in front of some verbs?

I get very confused when I see se in front of some verbs in Spanish or about when to put it in front of a verb when writing in Spanish. From my understanding I think it is used when someone is trying ...
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