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Questions tagged [sílabas]

A syllable is a unit of organization for a sequence of speech sounds.

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Why does the word "ahínco" carry an accent mark if it is llana?

The word "ahínco" is llana. It has three syllables: a-hín-co. As the stress falls on the penultimate syllable the word is llana and the rules regarding when to use a tilde say that all llana ...
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Words with different pronunciations

Does Spanish have words which can be pronounced with a different number of syllables? For example, in English one can pronounce lightning with 2 syllables, meaning the companion of thunder, and 3 ...
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Is there always a syllable break with the letters "ié" in any word?

When working with diptongos, we were told that two strong vowels or a strong with an accented weak vowel were the only ways we separated the word into syllables. For example, the word "cuál" is not ...
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¿Cuál es el criterio de división de palabras a final de línea?

Leyendo un libro vi las siguientes frases así escritas: En el congreso del Partido Conservador de 1981, Norman Te- bbit dijo la célebre fase de que su padre (...) y Ahora que el balón había ...
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What is asking me with "Marque la sílaba tónica"?

Can anyone help me understand what it wants me to write for the question on "Marque la sílaba tónica?" Also, what's the difference between ah, ha, a, and hay?
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Can an accented weak vowel in a diphthong ever not be emphasised?

English If in a diphthong consisting of a weak (i, u) and a strong (a, e, o) vowel the emphasis lies on the weak vowel, an accent is put on it and the diphthong is pronounced in two syllables. For ...
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División en sílabas de palabras con -tl- (atlas, atleta etc.)

¿Cómo se separan en sílabas las palabras que tienen la secuencia de consonantes tl entre vocales? Por ejemplo: atlas: ¿at-las o a-tlas? atleta: ¿at-le-ta o a-tle-ta? decatlón: ¿de-cat-lón o de-ca-...
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When do two vowels in Spanish form a diphthong? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Rules applied to the separation of syllables Diphthongs (or triphthongs) are sets of two or three vowels that are pronounced as a single syllable as opposed to being separated ...
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Rules applied to the separation of syllables

As a native speaker it's natural for me to know how a word is separated in its constituent syllables. But I want to know if there are any established rules to know how a word is separated into its ...
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