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Questions about political jargon which can include political slurs (e.g., "birther," "deplorable), political slang or colloquialisms (e.g., "purple state," "pork barrel politics," "wedge issue") and political science terminology (e.g., "yellow socialism," "interest group liberalism"). // Preguntas sobre la jerga política que pueden incluir calumnias políticas, jerga política o coloquialismos y terminología de ciencias políticas.

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What does "4M" mean in a context of politics?

What does "4M" mean in the headline I have clipped here? I keep seeing it but don't know how to look up what it means. Iglesias, confirmado por las bases como candidato de Podemos el 4M
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How do you say "woke" in Spanish?

In English, at least in the United States, a lot of people have started using the word "woke" to mean alert to injustice in society, especially racism After doing a little bit of research, ...
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