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Why does 'mohínes' have an accent?

I came across the following sentence in El año del diluvio by Eduardo Mendoza: La guardesa depositó la bandeja y se marchó haciendo mohínes Why does mohínes have an accent? According to ...
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2 answers

How to show two vowels are pronounced in hiatus (e.g "tri-A-da" not "TRIA-da")?

I saw the word tríada and mistakenly assumed it was pronounced with three syllables like "tri-A-da". But I see now the accent on the "í" means the stress should be on the first ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How to tell when "ui" is a diphthong or in hiatus?

In Spanish, there is no orthographic distinction between the diphthongs [wi ~ uj] and the vowel hiatus [ui]. Is there a way to predict how "ui" is pronounced in a word? Possibly via phonetic ...
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