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Preguntas relacionadas con la manera correcta de mantener una conversación telefónica.

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How do you introduce yourself on the phone in a formal setting?

We've had a question about identifying yourself when initiating a phone conversation, for an informal situation. But what if you are making a formal call? What if you address the other person ...
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Learning to listen

One of the hardest problems I have (aside from a weak vocabulary - which is easily fixable) is that when I am in a situation where I speak Spanish to someone I often have to have them slow down ...
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How do you introduce yourself on the phone?

In United States, a telephone conversation usually starts like this. Me: [Calls John] John: Hello. Me: Hi, John. It's Joe. This is between 2 people that are familiar with each other, but not so ...
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What is the most common way to end a phone call?

Similar to my other question, what is the most universal way of ending a phone call in Spanish (the last thing you'd say after ending your conversation before hanging up)? In English, we'd say things ...
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What is the most common way to answer the phone?

What is the most universally-used greeting when answering the phone (i.e. way to say, "Hello?")? Are there any circumstances where the greeting would be different (for example, when answering a phone ...
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