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Preguntas sobre el uso del español en conversación.

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Making the transition to becoming conversational - stop thinking in English?

For those of you that are native English speakers, but have become "conversational" in Spanish, did you often try to "think in English" first and try to translate on-the-fly for ...
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¿Qué pasa? vs. ¿Qué tal? vs. ¿Qué onda?

What is the difference between "¿Qué pasa?", "¿Qué tal?" and "¿Qué onda?" ? They all mean and can be translated as "What's up?" in English per my understanding ...
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Pronunciacion de las frases como "he + e-verbo" y "ha + a-verbo"

En las frases como "lo ha acabado", "lo he hecho", muchas veces las escucho pronunciadas como si fuesen "lo acabado", "lo hecho" -- sin "ha" y "...
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«¿Ah, sí?» o «¿Así?»: ¿Son posibles las dos?

Me pregunto si en una conversación la gente está diciendo «¿Ah, sí?» o «¿Así?» para mostrar que está escuchando. ¿O cambia dependiendo del contexto? No estoy preguntando de una conversación técnica, ...
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In the U.S., may I go up to strangers to practice Spanish, and if so, how? [closed]

I am learning Spanish and am wondering if it would be appreciated or embarrassing to start up a conversation with a random stranger in Spanish. Estoy aprendiendo español y quiero saber si seria ...
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How to ask someone -- stranger or my friend -- to do something?

Let's say I want to ask them to close a window To my friend: cierres la ventana? To a stranger: podría cerrar la ventana por favor? Is this it in a nutshell? And also -- what are other the most ...
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Learning to listen

One of the hardest problems I have (aside from a weak vocabulary - which is easily fixable) is that when I am in a situation where I speak Spanish to someone I often have to have them slow down ...
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How do you say, "How was your day?"

Primero mi pregunta en español: ¿Cómo se dice "How was your day?" Details in English I'm pretty sure I've got a good understanding of when to use "estar" and "ser." What continues to give me ...
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Which Spanish-speakers, if any, say "¿Cómo estuvo tu día" in Spanish?

I'm aware that you can say "¿Qué tal tu día?", and "Cómo te fue el día?", but the second phrase is really asking someone how their day went. Maybe ¿Qué tal tu día? is the exact same as asking ...
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Any place to speak with people in online in spanish? [closed]

I am new to Spanish language . I was using an app to learn Spanish but in that there is no chance to speak with people. I would like to know a place where I can practice with real people.
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Asking to top up a phone

How can I properly ask a teller in a shop or mobile company office to top up my mobile phone? As far as I understand, the proper word is "recargar" but I have no idea how to use it properly. (btw, I ...
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Is "¿Nos juntemos?" well said?

Someone asked me "¿Nos juntemos?" meaning if I would like to hang out with him in the near future. I found the expression weird. I thought it should be "¿Nos juntamos?"
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How do you say "nice to meet you" in Spanish?

Say you are in Spain and you get introduced to someone in a, let's say, formal context: how do you say "nice to meet you"? Also, is there any difference in Latin America? And what if you are in an ...
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¿Cuál sería una equivalente de -just hear me out- en castellano?

Quiero saber una frase para responder cuando alguien te interrumpa, y solo quieres decir lo que quieres decir. Un amigo mío de Colombia sugirió la frase "solo escúchame". Me gustaría saber otras ...
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¿Alguien me podría explicar qué rol tiene el ‘si’ en la conversación a continuación?

¿Alguien me podría explicar qué rol tiene el ‘si’ en la conversación a continuación? -Tengo un hambre que me comería una vaca -Pero, por favor, si acabamos de desayunar Además de contestar mi ...
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How do you introduce yourself on the phone?

In United States, a telephone conversation usually starts like this. Me: [Calls John] John: Hello. Me: Hi, John. It's Joe. This is between 2 people that are familiar with each other, but not so ...
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How to respond to ¿Cómo estás? [closed]

What are the standard responses to ¿Cómo estás?? The only ones I know of are: Bien. and Muy bien. Which both are for when you are well, how do you say ok? or not so good?
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Backchannels (listener responses) in Spanish

In linguistics, the term backchannel is used to describe the short words or sounds a listener makes during a conversation to acknowledge what the speaker is saying and make known that he is still ...
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