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0 answers

Logic or lack thereof & Arraigar

I just finished reading this BBC article about the presence of the Spanish language in the Philippines. What bothers me is the way the verb arraigar is used here because supposedly, when it is ...
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1 answer

Architectural / Construction Term "On Center" in Spanish

I'm looking to properly translate an architectural text and I want to make sure I use accurate expressions, specifically for Latin America. When, for example, talking about screw placement, the ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Nombre para un lugar donde se venden materiales de construcción

¿Hay otros nombres para un lugar donde se venden materiales de construcción específicamente? En mi país, Uruguay, se usa "barraca", pero si busco sinónimos encuentro viviendas, cuarteles militares o ...
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6 votes
5 answers

What's Spanish for "Skid-steer loader"?

My kid, like most kids, has an inclination for construction vehicles. Sometimes, he'll pick a book full of construction-vehicle vocabulary for me to read and, when that book is in English, I often ...
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Are "grúa" and "grulla" etymologically related?

In English, mechanical "cranes" are thus named for their likeness to the bird, "crane". In Spanish, the mechanical crane is called a grúa and the bird a grulla; is this similarity a coincidence, or ...
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8 answers

Why is a "jack" called "un gato"?

Español ¿Por qué se llama "gato" a un "jack"? Esto es, el gato hidráulico o mecánico que se usa para levantar grandes pesos. Para mí, un "jack" no se parece para nada al ...
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