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Questions tagged [consonantes]

Preguntas sobre las consonantes en español. Questions about consonants in Spanish.

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What rules do I determine for pronouncing "c", "j", "l", "s", "x", and "z"? [closed]

I want to write a computer program and draw flowcharts that will "Anglicize" the pronunciation of Spanish text of select consonants for English speakers learning Spanish to pronounce the ...
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Pronunciación de la letra uve a final de palabra

Aprovechando que han subido la serie de Evangelion a Netflix España con una nueva traducción y doblaje, es el momento de ir planteando aquí algunas preguntas sobre el idioma que dicha serie me está ...
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Words which palatalise when made feminine?

When declined as feminine, aquel becomes aquella, not just adding the feminine marker -a, but palatalising the final consonant /l/ → /ʎ/. A similar thing happens with don, doña. Are there any other ...
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How did words starting with f- become h-? [duplicate]

Many Spanish words that nowadays begin with h- used to begin with f-, for example: hacer < facere (PT fazer, IT fare, FR faire), hijo < filius (PT filho, IT figlio, FR fils) haya < fagea (PT ...
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Does muñeca (doll) have a non-ñ form?

In Tagalog, the word for "doll" is manika derived from Spanish muñeca. I'm wondering why this word is spelled manika and not manyika. The ñ sound is always preserved and transcribed as ny in other ...
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What is the pronunciation and IPA symbol for the final 'r' sound?

There is a recording here of a good example word, "robar": I think I understand the rolling or trilling of the initial "r" sound. I'm wondering about the ...
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Are doubled consonants geminated in Spanish?

Excluding ll, rr (which represent distinct sounds) and cc (which represents two different pronunciations of c), orthographic doubled consonants occur very infrequently in Spanish, only really ...
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Is there "liaison" in Spanish?

In French, there is a very specific phenomenon called "liaison", where words may be pronounced differently when combined with another word. For Spanish, let's take the letter "d" as an example. ...
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Are there consistent rules for pronouncing "c" and "g"?

I want to write a software program that will "Americanize" the pronunciation of Spanish text (using Mexican pronunciation) so that it is easier for English speakers learning Spanish to be ...
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How are words with "ps" or "pt" pronounced?

Here are a few examples: psicología ptosis Ptolomeo Interestingly "sicología" is also found in the RAE but most of the time I've seen it written as "psicología". How are they pronounced?...
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Why is the "x" in "México" or "Texas" pronounced as the letter "j"?

Even as a native speaker I don't know the reason for this: why is the "x" in México, Texas or Xavier pronounced as the letter "j"?
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