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Questions tagged [ceceo-seseo]

Preguntas sobre las diferencias de pronunciación de s, c y z en las diferentes regiones de habla española.

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4 votes
1 answer

Pronunciation of letters "c" and "z" in Spanish

I've listened to almost all of Enrique Iglesias' Spanish songs and in all of them he has pronounced "c"s and "z"s a little strange for me. In his song, Duele el Corazón (the ...
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4 votes
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Is there an accent that pronounces "s" as ⟨θ⟩?

I have an audiobook (meant for beginners learning Spanish) where the speaker has an accent I don't recognize. I know that in Spain some z's and c's are pronounced like an English th (IPA: ⟨θ⟩). But in ...
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Pronunciation of the letter z [duplicate]

Why do a few local areas in Spain pronounce the "z" like "th", while others pronounce it like "s" (just like in the word "influenza")?
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3 votes
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What are the three systems of pronouncing "c"?

I had some trouble understanding a question that asks for a recommendation of which of three pronunciation systems to learn: seseo, ceceo, or distinción. I'm confused because I thought that in Spain, ...
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5 votes
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¿Ceceo en "d" inicial de palabra?

Es conocido que en español se dan los fenómenos de ceceo y seseo. Me ha pasado ya dos veces que, escuchando una canción, me da la sensación de que el cantante cecea al pronunciar una "d" inicial de ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Ceceo vs Seseo vs "distinción" - which school to follow?

OK, I know about the differences and I know a little bit about the situation in the Spanish-speaking world. The thing though is that I'm moving to Spain in a few months (do not know the exact ...
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15 votes
8 answers

Why does Latin America not “lisp” consonants, having learned its Spanish from Spain?

I am referring to the sounds made by the letters ⟨z⟩ and the soft ⟨c⟩ the way they’re said in Spain, like in the Spanish words zorro and cena. (This is the unvoiced dental fricative sound heard at ...
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4 votes
4 answers

⟨sci⟩ vs. ⟨si⟩: is the pronunciation different?

I know hardly any Spanish, however I was wondering if there was any difference between the pronunciations of the spellings ⟨sci⟩ and ⟨si⟩, as in si versus piscina. I know that they could just be ...
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17 votes
6 answers

¿Por qué la diferencia entre s y z/c solo se da en España?

La pronunciación en el centro y el norte de España, como sabemos, pronuncia la "ce" y la "zeta" en forma diferente a la "ese" que es el único sonido que se utiliza para estas tres letras en ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Distribution of Spanish speakers regarding 's' and 'c' pronunciation

We know that following groups of syllables se, si, sa, so, su ce, ci, za, zo, zu can be pronunced in 3 different ways: Context distinción seseo ceceo "s" + vowel /s/ /s/ /θ/ "c/z&...
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21 votes
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In what ways is the letter “s” (or the /s/ sound) pronounced in Spain?

I’ve heard varying things regarding the varying pronunciations of the “s” sound in Spain. However, no one was willing (or at least, able) to explain these variations to me. How is the “s” sound ...
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