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Para preguntas sobre la habilidad de expresarse en dos (o más) lenguas.

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How to talk about *codeswitching* in Spanish?

I originally encountered the term "codeswitching" as a term to describe how a bilingual person might inadvertently, without noticing, switch from language A to B within a sentence or paragraph, and ...
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How can I order food in Spanish, without the waiter switching to English?

One suggestion I heard for practicing Spanish was to go to a restaurant where Spanish is spoken (there are a few Mexican restaurants in my area where the waiters are bilingual) and order in Spanish. ...
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Early childhood Spanish language immersion accent exposure [closed]

Is it important for young children (4 or 5 years old) in a Spanish language immersion program to be exposed to more than one type of Spanish language accent? If the child only hears one accent for the ...
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Which language do I use to address Spanish speaker in America?

English Many times, I have wanted to start a conversation or ask a question of a stranger who I have seen speaking Spanish. Considering that I am in the United States, is it better to begin speaking ...
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What is Portuñol? How effective is it as a lingua franca between Spanish/Portuguese? [closed]

I've briefly read about Portuñol, which is supposedly a code switching method for Spanish and Portuguese. How does it function? I have heard that it acts like a mapping from Spanish to Portuguese (...
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