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Preguntas sobre las normas de acentuación: escritura, acentuación de palabras derivadas, etc. // Questions about the rules for accent marks: in writing, in derived words etc

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Geographical extension of „ahí” with stressed „a”

I have heard: ahí (te) va ahí voy ahí me hablas mañana which nevertheless is pronounced stressed a, forming rather than a hiatus, a diphthong. For sure it's not meant ay, the interjection, since ...
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¿Por qué el mineral "alofana" aparece en algunos lugares como "alófana"?

El mineral alofana aparece cómo "alófana" en los procesadores de palabra. Esto es un error: debe ir sin acento (alofana) como los nombres de otros minerales ej. naufana. Alófana acentuado suena como ...
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¿Acento perdido en la oración? [duplicate]

In the Spanish language, why is the accent eliminated when a sentence is composed into the plural tense? For example, la lección becomes las lecciones. Notice how 'ó' becomes 'o' (without accent).
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Uso de "sólo" o "solo" en la expresión "en un solo valor" [duplicate]

En la siguiente frase: (...) captura el nivel de concentración en un solo valor (...) ¿Es correcto colocar la palabra "solo" sin acento?
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Why put an emphasis mark on the second-to-last syllable? [duplicate]

I am an intermediate speaker of Spanish. From what I remember, if there is no emphasis mark, the default is to emphasize the second-to-last syllable. Why then, are there words that have accent marks ...
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Why does the word 'mexicano' not have an accent at 'e' while 'México' does? [duplicate]

The word México has an accent on the 'e', but the words 'mexicano' and 'mexicana' which are derived from México do not. I wonder why these two words do not have accents above 'e'.
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Spelling with accent (acento) in Spanish? [duplicate]

I am good at learning vocab but the professor insists on us using the correct accents on our word or we don't get any credit even if we had the right idea and had the correct word but didn't spell it ...
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