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Preguntas sobre las normas de acentuación: escritura, acentuación de palabras derivadas, etc. // Questions about the rules for accent marks: in writing, in derived words etc

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What are some effective ways a foreign speaker can improve pronunciation in Spanish? [closed]

How can a foreign speaker (where a "foreign speaker" speaks Spanish as a second language) effectively improve their spoken Spanish by improving their pronunciation and reducing their foreign accent. ...
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When does sólo have an accent? / ¿Cuándo debe llevar tilde la palabra "solo"?

When does the word solo have an accent (tilde) on the first o (sólo)? When does it not? ¿Cuándo debe llevar tilde la palabra solo?
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21 votes
2 answers

What are the accent placement rules in Spanish?

This is a canonical question / Esta es una pregunta canónica Some people have trouble determining when accent marks (tildes) should be used and where. What are the rules for accent placement in ...
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20 votes
3 answers

Does an accent mark change the pronunciation of single-syllable words?

I know that some single-syllable words (most pronouns, for example) come in two varieties, with and without an accent mark on the vowel. "Él" has a different meaning than "el", but is it pronounced ...
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90 votes
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How important are accents in written Spanish?

English I notice that native Spanish speakers often leave off accents in writing. Outside the context of edited material, it almost seems like accent pedantry is the sign of someone who has learned ...
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22 votes
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What is the difference between: "aquel" and "aquél"

I see both "aquel" and "aquél" used in similar context and was wondering if there is any difference in meaning of those two words.
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When is it written with and without accent: porqué/porque/por qué? / ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre "porque", "porqué", "por que" y "por qué"?

This is a canonical question / Esta es una pregunta canónica Can anybody explain to me when each of this variations of "porque" should be used? ¿Puede alguien explicar cuáles son las diferencias ...
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