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Spanish etymology resources [duplicate]

Many questions on this site have been about the etymology of a particular word or phrase. For English, resources like the Oxford English Dictionary often give researched etymologies full of details ...
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How can I learn basic vocabulary? [duplicate]

I am learning Spanish (Castellano) and want to expand my vocabulary. There are many vocabulary trainers out there. But some do not come with predefined words and others contain them all. I want to ...
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Free online resources for beginner course [duplicate]

Along with this question, what are good, free online resources to learn Spanish? Important areas such as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation should be covered.
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Continuing education after high school [duplicate]

Recently, I've been interested in learning a language. I took three years of Spanish in high school, and while I did better than the average high school student, I still have gaps in my knowledge of ...
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Download Spanish–English translations (esp. conjugations) as Open Data [duplicate]

I'm learning Spanish conjugations and using sites like Conjugemos. I like these time-intensive conjugation drills since they drive conjugations into procedural memory: after a while in the exercise, I ...
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American style TV shows in Spanish [duplicate]

Are there American style TV shows that could be used to practice listening Spanish. By American style I mean Each episode around 30 minutes in length Although it helps to watch them in sequence, ...
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Native-speaking Spanish radio station or podcast for learning? [duplicate]

Scouring TunedIn and Google search results, I've been unable to find a good talk radio station in Spanish. This is not a technical question, but rather a question about where to find the tools I need ...
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The laminal and apical sibilants in Spanish: Where can I get some good recordings? [duplicate]

Primero mi pregunta en español: Los sibilantes laminales y apicales en español: ¿Dónde puedo conseguir algunas buenas grabaciones? Details in English: I've been a student of Spanish for some time ...
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Manual on the Spanish language [duplicate]

I'm interested in a documentation on the Spanish language. Like really concise - similar to the documentation of a computer language. There's a lot of bloat on learning languages online or sometimes ...
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audio readings of Spanish poetry [duplicate]

I am a mathematician ( Earlier this year I started to study Spanish through Future Learn ( I want to obtain audio recordings of Spanish authors (e.g. Antonio Muñoz ...
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¿Existen los diccionarios connotativos? [duplicate]

A veces me encuentro en la encrucijada de querer escribir algo, pero cuando lo hago trato de buscar que las mismas palabras que utilizo connoten lo que el narrador está sintiendo o trate de narrar ...
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How to read a decimal number in Spanish?

I'm generating a module which transforms numbers into reading in Spanish. I found a similar question and read the answer, so I know 0,25 is read like below "cero coma veinticinco" In addition, I got ...
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¿Qué es un vintén?

Estoy leyendo “El Libro de Arena” (1975) de Jorge Luis Borges, y en uno de los relatos (el titulado “Avelino Arredondo”) se menciona la palabra “vintén”: Disponía asimismo de un tablero de ajedrez ...
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Spanish Language meets Stack Overflow: What is the largest set of consonants that generates Spanish words when any three are taken from it?

This is an attempt to write a new kind of question in which the answer needs to be found by writing an algorithm, rather than searching for it online, posted as discussed on meta. You can take it as a ...
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A combo insult in Mexican Spanish

I'm writing a screenplay with a Mexican American character in it. At one point she becomes extremely annoyed by news from work and launches into a string of insults in her native language to express ...
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