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Why does Spanish use always double reading marks? [duplicate]

I've noticed that in Spanish, when using an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence, we also need an upside down one at the beginning. The same is the case with question marks. For example: ¡Adiós!...
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¿Por qué el español es el único idioma que usa dos signos de interrogación y exclamación? [duplicate]

Why is it spanish the only language that uses two question/exclamation marks? ("?¿" "¡!")?
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Proper placement of inverted question mark

What is the proper placement of the inverted question mark in sentences that are not completely questions? A common example: Hello, how are you? (¿)Hola, (¿)cómo estás? Or: That's great, isn't it? ...
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Is it important to place question and exclamation marks at the start of sentence? [duplicate]

I'm very much new to Spanish. I'm seeing exclamation and question marks are being placed on both the places, at the start and at the end of the sentence (the one at the start is upside down to the ...
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Is it acceptable to leave out the inverted punctuation marks?

Is it acceptable to leave out inverted question marks and exclamation points (¿ ¡) from questions and exclamatory sentences? I ask this because some computers and other devices I use won't let me add ...
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Is there an equivalent, in Spanish, for the interrobang?

In English, we have the interrobang -- ‽ (often represented by ?! or !?) -- which can express incredulity and surprise in-text. Does Spanish have an equivalent punctuation mark? If so, would it, like ...
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¿Por qué la RAE no usó los signos de apertura de exclamación en su diccionario hasta 1884, si mucho antes ya eran obligatorios?

En esta pregunta sobre el origen de los símbolos '¿' y '¡' se explica que ambos fueron introducidos en 1754, en la segunda edición de la Ortografía de la real academia, aunque su uso por entonces era ...
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Are inverted question and exclamation mark supposed to be symmetrical to the "normal" counter-parts?

Here's how inverted question mark looks like with a bunch of font I've just chosen without any particular system in my mind. Those are very different fonts however in all of them the inverted ...
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Why is this symbol being used in Spanish language?

I saw this exclamatory sentence on the internet. When I searched more, I found that all of the typed Spanish exclamatory sentences have this symbol. Also, who was the first person that used it, and ...
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Can a question mark come inside a sentence?

Hola, ¿hablas inglés?? The above sentence is provided as a correct solution in my Duolingo Spanish course. My question is why the ¿ does not come in the beginning of the sentence. If it were Hola. ¿...
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