There's a popular (and probably exclusively) guatemalan expression: deplano or de plano; meaning probably or surely, analogue to seguramente.

Example (provided for completion purposes):

-¿Dónde está Juan?
-Deplano se fue a comer.

Now, this might be a too colloquial or informal word to have its own official spelling, but I still wonder if there is a "proper" way to write it. My gut tells me it should be written as a single word, but it's easy to get orthography wrong.

Also, if you know of other places where it's said, please comment!

  • Debería ser de plano, una preposión y un sustantivo y entre ellos un espacio. Quizás ud. lo escucha muy rápido y por eso uno creería que debe escribirse unida la expresión.
    – David
    Oct 18, 2014 at 23:54

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It's an adverbial phrase written as two words. It's somewhat recognized in the DRAE, via the judicial sense of de plano meaning "Que se adopta inmediatamente y sin trámites" (plano. de plano. 3.) which was likely picked up and used more colloquially, converting it from an adjective phrase to an adverbial along the way.


As @David explains in his comment it is written de plano.It is not written as a single word.

It means directly, going straight to the point.

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