What's the meaning of "hasta" in the following sentences?

  • Hasta que te dignes a hacerme caso.
  • Los resultados del examen se publicarán hasta febrero.

Those have different meanings than the "hasta" of the following sentence:

  • Hasta (incluso) un niño lo comprende.
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    The second sentence I should write like: "Los resultados del examen no se publicarán sino hasta febrero". What do you think? – Nicolás Ozimica Dec 13 '11 at 19:36

Almost everything is explained by the entry for "hasta" of the "Diccionario panhispánico de dudas".

The first two sentences are explained by the first paragraph of the aforementioned entry:

hasta. 1. Preposición que se usa para expresar el término límite en relación con el tiempo, el espacio o la cantidad.

Preposition used to express the limit related to time, space or amount of something.

Your last sentence is explained by the third paragraph of the aforementioned entry:

hasta. 3. Puede funcionar como adverbio con el sentido de ‘incluso’ y, en ese caso, es compatible con otras preposiciones

May work as an adverb in the sense of "incluso", and in this case it is compatible with some other prepositions.

Comment: In order to make your first example clearer, I would rewrite it to something like this:

  • No te dejaré salir hasta que te dignes a hacerme caso.

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