I am filling an application form, which is in Spanish. I am using Google Translate to fill the form but it is giving unhelpful translations for some phrases. Could someone please help me by translating these phrases to English? What should I write in these two fields in the form ? Thanks in advance.

  1. Centro del Máster

  2. Título del Máster

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With Centro they are referring to the place (school/college) where you studied this Máster, e.g. School of Blablabla, University of Thisandthat, etc.

With Título they are referring to the Degree itself, e.g. "Máster in economics" or "Máster in Computer Science" or the like.


"Máster" is "master's degree" so, "Centro del Máster" is where you get the master and "Título el Máster" is you master, what's your master degree.

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