What does chupa de boda mean in context of Rafael Pombo El renacuajo paseador poem?

El hijo de rana, Rinrín renacuajo
Salió esta mañana muy tieso y muy majo
Con pantalón corto, corbata a la moda
Sombrero encintado y chupa de boda.

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Chupa is a familiar term (slang?) for jacket, particularly a leather jacket. It may also mean an old jacket-like garment (see here).

De boda is simply wedding. It may be literal: a jacket to go to a wedding; or figurative: a very smart jacket.

  • Seria buena especificaras en donde se conoce ese termino, por ejemplo es primera vez que yo lo escuchaba Commented Jun 28, 2014 at 22:20
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    @EmilioGort: Supongo que te refieres a chupa y no a boda ;-). Yo soy de España, y aquí es un término coloquial habitual, sobre todo entre jóvenes. Mira por ejemplo este blog.
    – rodrigo
    Commented Jun 28, 2014 at 23:01

Viewing this English translation on YouTube it sounds as if it means wedding jacket.

Also, looking it up in a Spanish Dictionary we see that it also means: Chaqueta, chaquetilla.


The word chupa, contrary to what is stated in the correct answer, is a word collected in the Spanish dictionary for a long time. It is not slang. Corominas dates it in 1723, indicating that it was probably taken (through the French) from the Arab jubba, a kind of coat with sleeves, from which also come the words jubón and chapona.

Therefore, a chupa de boda is not figurative language or an isolated idiom. It simply means "wedding jacket".

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