When, in reported speech, Preterito Indefinido changes to Pluscuamperfecto and when it does not change?

Some tables show only Pluscuamperfecto and some show that both are correct.

Juan: "Compré un traje" -> "Juan dijo que había comprado un traje" o "Juan dijo que compró un traje"

  • What tables are you referring to? It's better if you include a link or at least a reference to what tables are you talking about, so the interested can check by themselves such tables.
    – jachguate
    Commented May 31 at 20:53

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The "pluscuamperfecto" sounds better than the "indefinido" (now called "perfecto simple"), which can only work well in colloquial language if the action immediately precedes the time it is reported:

A: ¡Acabo de comprar un traje!

B: ¿Qué te dijo A?

C: Me dijo que compró un traje.

Otherwise, the "pluscuamperfecto" will always be superior.

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