Question: Is using the word "quedar" (to be left/remain) like this a common way of talking of the weight of something? I seen this phrase in an interactive video I'm using while studying Spanish.

Cómo hacer que queden de cien gramos las tortas.

how to make the cakes of one hundred grams.

  • How to make cakes so they weigh 100 grams.
    – Lambie
    Commented Jan 28 at 17:45

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In this case, "quedar" is used to refer to a result, approximately meaning "turn out to be": how to make cakes so that they end up having a weight of 100 grams (after the process of preparation/cooking).

The meaning under DRAE that in my view best conveys this idea is:

  1. intr. Cesar, terminar, acabar. Quedó aquí la conversación. Quedamos conformes. Sin.: acabar, terminar.

I think this site provides a better definition and example, more in line with the one in question:

7 Resultar Ejemplo: Este plato que preparé quedó buenísimo.

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