I wonder if there is a Spanish word for Seoulite, a citizen of Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

Seoulite is an English demonym and French has a similar word Séoulite, but I couldn't find a corresponding word in Spanish.

If there is no such a word, what would be a good choice when the general rule of word formation in Spanish is applied?

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Seulense / seulés

Ambos nombres designan a los habitantes de Seúl. En español se han usado tradicionalmente los gentilicios seulés y seulense para nombrar a las personas originarias de Seúl, capital de Corea del Sur.

Both names designate the inhabitants of Seoul. In Spanish, the demonyms seulés and seulense have traditionally been used to name people from Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

Source: FundeuRAE

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