Each episode of the children's series ends with the following:

El libro gordo te enseña,
el libro gordo entretiene,
y yo te digo contenta,
hasta la clase que viene.


What does "y yo te digo contenta" mean? It's a strange wording.

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Ah, I think I've figured it out. It's a dependent clause, so they're saying something like:

and I tell you contented, "until next class!"

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    I think "happy" would be a better translation rather than "contented", but you got the meaning.
    – R18
    Jan 17 at 12:47
  • and I am happy to tell you, until next lesson
    – Gustavson
    Jan 17 at 18:55

I say you happy: - Y yo te digo contenta:

"Until next class" - "Hasta la próxima clase"

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