In English, I sometimes hear a conversation like this:

  • A: "Watch out for those teaser rates on loans. They say 0% interest, but that's only for a short period of time."
  • B: "That's how they get you."

As I understand it, B is using the word "you" impersonally, to basically mean "one." But as far as I know, one would never say "that's how they get one." So my question is:

What would be some common ways in Spanish to say "That's how they get you.", in the above sense?

Is there some kind of impersonal pronoun that could literally replace the word "you" in that sentence? I've seen the idea of the impersonal "se" used as a subject, like in this example ("Se habla Español.") and this example ("La opciones para la comunidad LGBT eran pocas: ocultar lo que se era o sufrir las consecuencias."). Maybe this or something similar can be used for objects? (I think this would be a difference from common English.) Or like how they use "a girl" in Game of Thrones?

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B: "Así es como te atrapan" (a ti te atrapan).

  • Así es como atrapan a uno (a uno mismo, a una persona).

  • Así es como lo atrapan (a usted). (Hablando de usted).

  • Así se atrapa a la gente.

  • Así es como lo consiguen.

  • Así es como nos atrapan.

  • Así es como funcionan (ellos).

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