I have a close friend that says this when saying my name, and I find it very endearing. Just curious as to the exact meaning of it

  • Por favor, ¿podría indicar su nombre? // Please, could you state your name?
    – Diego
    Oct 22, 2022 at 10:36

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Suffix. It is used to form the superlative degree of many adjectives, indicating "highly, extremely". Examples:
Alto → Altísimo
Grande → Grandísimo

Source wiktionary

It is not used in proper names, except to make a joke whose meaning is to magnify the person.

There is a comic character from "Los padrinos mágicos", called Juanísimo Magnífico (Juan-ísimo). Perhaps your friend takes this character as a reference to say your name.

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I imagine the superlative added to a name might be used to mean that the person in question is very much like him/herself on the occasion at issue. This would work especially after the verb "estar", for example:

(To a person called Pedro):

  • Hoy estás Pedrísimo (= más Pedro que nunca).

If Pedro is handsome, "Pedrísimo" will mean "more handsome than ever".

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