How would you refer to "flats and drum(ette)s" in Spanish when talking about chicken wings?

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Punta, alón y blanqueta

Blanqueta, primera falange del Ala

La primera falange del ala de pollo es la más carnosa y es la que está situada más cerca de la pechuga.

  • The first phalanx of the chicken wing is the meatiest and is the one located closest to the breast.

Alón, segunda falange del Ala

La segunda falange del ala de pollo no contiene mucha carne, pero es generalmente más jugosa que el resto de las partes del ala.

  • The second joint of the chicken wing does not contain much meat, but it's generally juicier than the rest of the wing parts.

Punta, tercera falange del Ala

Y la tercera falange del ala de pollo es la menos carnosa, acabada en punta, que además de freír o asar, se emplea también para caldos.

  • And the third phalanx of the chicken wing is the least fleshy, ending in a point, which in addition to frying or roasting, is also used for broths.

Source polleriasomolinos.com

Although I must add that what here is called blanquette is popularly known as muslito de ala (wing drumstick).

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Image source lacocinademjsalla

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