Hay tres datos extremos (uno en 20mm y dos en 21mm) en la tabla

The "datos" in the above sentence refers to are extreme data values. However, doesn't "datos" refer to a group of data points? If we are referring to specific data values, shouldn't "valores" be used?

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You do have three data points, one at 20mm and two at 21mm, so the collective 'datos' seems valid. Even if it is not, 'datos' is commonly used, but I agree with you that 'valores' sounds better.


Datos is just the plural of dato (datum or data point), which means, as its English translations, a (given) piece of information. The English translation of datos is data, but data has more meanings than just being one of the plurals of datum (the other is datums).

So, every time you talk about given data points or values, you can use the word dato; and more than one of those are datos. The word doesn't imply grouping, but doesn't exclude it either.

I concur with Rodrigo in that valores sounds better but datos is correct.

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