I was told that using just the infinitive comer means to eat.

However, does this fact change when using the indicative, subjunctive, or imperative? I am not referring to making any changes to the verb with conjugations.

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    Comer always means to eat. However, I don't really understand your confusion, so I don't know if you need further explanations.
    – Lilo
    Jul 28, 2022 at 19:51

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No confundir el "infinitivo" (Forma no personal del verbo que expresa una idea verbal de forma abstracta, sin concretar las variaciones gramaticales de voz, modo, tiempo, aspecto, número y persona), con los modos verbales, ( indicativo, subjuntivo, condicional e imperativo), donde cada modo tiene uno o más tiempos y tiempos compuestos.

El uso del "infinitivo comer", es totalmente distinto bajo los diferentes modos verbales.

Do not confuse the "infinitive" (non-personal form of the verb that expresses a verbal idea in an abstract way, without specifying the grammatical variations of voice, mode, tense, aspect, number and person), with the verbal modes, (indicative, subjunctive, conditional and imperative), where each mood has one or more tenses and compound tenses.

The use of the "infinitive comer" is totally different under the different verbal moods.

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