2 examples:

Hay una pelirroja, que yo sé que va de lo que va porque me busca, eso se nota.

La ciencia va a lo que va y no se ocupa de eventuales conflictos entre hechos demostrados experimentalmente y la religión.

  • Your question says "Va a lo que va" and your first sentence says: va de lo que va". The second one: va a lo que va would be said in English: Science does what it has to do or does as it does.
    – Lambie
    Feb 17, 2022 at 18:24

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It just means that they "go after what they go after", i.e. that they "have their own goals". The phrase is used when those goals are clear or obvious:

  • There is a red-headed girl, and it is clear what she is after, because she always looks for me, one notices these things.

  • Science has its own goals, and it does not address possible conflicts between experimentally demonstrated facts and religion.

  1. I know what her intentions are (showing up to get someone's attention)
  2. You should stick to what you know best (in your field of expertise)(pruebas empíricas)

Que tal?

  • La expresión "va a lo que va", es una forma coloquial que indica dirección, verbo "ir", dirigirse a... Por tanto significa que la persona, la institución, una ciencia, una política... se dirige hacia aquello que le interesa de manera muy especifica por algo en concreto y en cada momento determinado. Espero te haya ayudado. Diego.

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