When a doctor visits patients in a hospital setting, especially in a medical school affiliated hospital with medical student following, that is the "doctor rounds." What would be the common term for that in Latin Americas Spanish?

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Ronda médica

Conjunto de acciones prácticas que se debe desarrollar de manera habitual por el personal médico en los servicios de urgencias, observación y hospitalización, presentando de manera global el estado, manejo actual, evolución y procesos pendientes de cada usuario.

Ronda hospitalaria

Observación diaria que se hace a los pacientes integrados por médicos, enfermeros, estudiantes y personal.

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    Thank you for the suggestions with the detailed usage information. My wife heard a usage in a telenovela that used vuelta as the key word in a phrase, but she couldn't remember the words used with it. Could have been a slang phrase or a Mexico region specific. Commented Jan 3, 2022 at 14:23

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