My quick question is just what is the difference between the phrases in the title(al día por día and cada día)? They all mean something similar- everyday, per day etc. So how do I know when to use which?


  • Cada día is for every day. 5 veces por día and una vez al día are usually preceded by a number of times something occurs. Although you can say Dos veces cada día, it is not as prevalent as the other two with a number of times.
    – Lambie
    Sep 4 '21 at 14:46

I agree with the other answer that all three mean the same thing. However, "cada día" is more autonomous as an adverbial. While all three can be used in phrases containing a numeral:

  • tres veces al día (three times a day)
  • tres veces por día
  • tres veces cada día

only "cada día" can be used as a standalone adverbial (in which case it is equivalent to "todos los días" -- every day):

  • Cada día encuentro un nuevo motivo para vivir. (Every day I find a new reason to be alive.) (In this case, "al día" and "por día" don't work.)

All three options have the same meanings and can be used in the same context.

There's no difference between them!

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