For the year 1916 in my great-grandfathers Civil Guard records there are two entries.

Here is the first note:

enter image description here

I have guessed at some of the words here! Transcription so far:

Según estación de xxx fecha 8 de mayo fue destinado a pueston xxx al puesto de xxx.

El Comandante Mayor

I am not sure if it reads towards the end puesto or punto. I guess it depends on the actual location which looks like Badxxx. I don't think it is Barcelona.


Based on the answer I have the following translation:

According to the transfer list dated 8 May, he was assigned to the Badolatosa post.

The Major Commander

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My suggestions

Según relación de traslados fecha 8 de mayo fue destinado a prestar sus servicios al puesto de Badolatosa

El Comandante Mayor

As you can see following the link, Badolatosa is a small town near Corcoya.

  • Thanks. I have updated the question with the initial translation. This link might be interesting. badolatosa.es/es/actualidad/noticias/… It mentioned both Badolatosa and Corcoya in connection with the Guardia Civil. Aug 17, 2021 at 8:53
  • 1
    @AndrewTruckle Yes, it seems that in this case the post is still open. Corcoya is part of the municipality of Badolatosa. In Spanish is called a pedanía. I don't know the exact term in English. WordReference suggests "district".
    – RubioRic
    Aug 17, 2021 at 9:02

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