For the year 1915 in my great-grandfathers Civil Guard records there are three entries.

Here is the first note:

enter image description here

This is the transcribed text:

El 13 de Sepre (Septiembre) se incorporó al puesto de Algaidilla, donde fue destinado por el Señor 1ª Jefe de la Comandancia.

El Comandante Mayor

I think I have transcribed it correctly.


I have the following translation:

On the 13th of September he joined the post of Algaidilla, where he was assigned by the 1st Chief of the Command.

The Major Commander

I tried to find a link to the Civil Guard office for the town Algaidilla. But I couldn't find one. I am a little confused though. On Google Maps it seems that this is a place in Estepa.

  • Clarification about Algaidilla where he was posted would be appreciated.
  • Also, how high up the chain would he be as 1st Chief of the Command?


I have found a Puesto de Estepa but not for Algaidilla.

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