For the year 1914 in my great-grandfathers Civil Guard records there are five entries.

Here is the first one:

enter image description here

Here is the transcribed text so far:

Según común que se xxx a la presente fecha 10 de Junio, xxx xxx de le Andalucía Territorial de Sevilla, a parece fue osfreseida provisiona buento por xxx fecha 19 de Junio, la causa intruida caucha este individuo en el Juzgado de Estepa, por detención arbitraria y otro hedería que se xxx reipousabriliodad de xxx clase al mismo.

El Comandante Mayor

I know, I have come up with some odd words there! And I am wondering if this is related to the previous note from 1913 where the Juzgado de Estepa was first mentioned.


This is the translation based on the supplied answer:

According to the communication attached hereto dated 10th June, issued by the Territorial Court of Seville, the case against this individual in the Court of Estepa for arbitrary detention and other facts was provisionally dismissed by order dated 19th June, without any responsibility of any kind being demanded of him.

The Major Commander

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My suggestions:

Según comunicación que se une a la presente fecha 10 de junio, emanada de la Audiencia Territorial de Sevilla, aparece fue sobreseída provisionalmente por auto fecha 19 de junio, la causa instruida contra este individuo en el Juzgado de Estepa, por detención arbitraria y otros hechos sin que se exija responsabilidad de ninguna clase al mismo.

El Comandante Mayor.

So, it seems the cause was provisionally dismissed.

  • Thank you for your answer! I have updated my question with the initial translation which I think is quite clear and in line with what you said. Commented Aug 16, 2021 at 8:00

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