In English, you can command yourself for encouragement. For example, when you're lifting weights in the gym, you can yell at yourself, "Focus! Come on! Do it!". However, in Spanish, the first-person imperative is always left blank in conjugation tables:

-        enfoquemos
enfoca   enfocad
enfoque  enfoquen

So how do you encourage yourself in sporting competitions?


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There's no first person singular imperative, that's why it doesn't appear in conjugation tables. I would even bet there isn't one in English.

So how do you encourage yourself? By talking to yourself in the second person:

¡Céntrate! ¡Hazlo! ¡Corre!

You just use the second-person imperative, since you actually are speaking to someone (and that someone happens to be you).

Your example sentence would then be translated to

¡Céntrate! ¡Venga! ¡Hazlo!

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